Private Sushi Chefs & Events

Private Sushi Stations For Any Event

We bring a live sushi chef to your party and event. Our 2 hour private sushi station features unlimited restaurant quality sushi and a minimum of 2 sushi chefs.

For our events we bring it all and do not require any kitchen use. All you have to provide is 2 tables and 2 table cloths, if that’s a problem we can bring our own. The best thing about us aside from our sushi and fish quality is that we are a restaurant which does a ton of outside catering events, that gives the clients fresher fish and more professional sushi chefs since we use our own in-house chefs. With the quality of our sushi and the upscale look of our sushi station your guests will be talking about the sushi you had at your event for a very long time. We offer 2 hours unlimited sushi consisting of 5 signature rolls, 5 traditional rolls and 5 different types of sushi pieces priced at a special of $1,500 and $17.50 per person after the first 100 guests. Events under 100 guests are $1,500 flat.

Private Sushi Station - Sushi Sushi
Private Sushi Station - Sushi Sushi
Sushi Station - Sushi Sushi