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Miso Soup  4


Green Salad  4

Edamame  6.5

Veggietizer  7.5

(Sweet potato, broccoli and asparagus tempura with ponzu sauce)

Seaweed Salad  6.5

Salmon Tar –Tar  9.5

Tuna Tar-Tar  10.5

Sashimi App  9.5

(1 Tuna, 2 Salmon, 1 Yellowtail Sashimi wrapped around avocado, mango, cucumber & jalapeño)

Shrimp Shumai  6.5

(Fried or Steamed)

Tempuratizer  7.5

(Shrimp Tempura, Kani crab Tempura with ponzu sauce)

Salmon Mango Avocado Salad  9.5

(Diced salmon and mango on a bed of lettuce, avocados, drizzled with spicy and spicy mango sauce)

Crabby Salad  6.5

(Kani, cucumber, tobiko, tempura flakes, mildly spicy sauce)

Bowl of sushi rice White/Brown  4

Traditional Rolls 7.95

Brown Rice + 1


(Avocado, Asparagus Tempura, Cucumber Roll)

Cucumber Roll

Avocado Roll

Cucumber Avocado Roll

Jalapeno Avocado Mango Roll

Cucumber Mango Cream Cheese Roll

Mango Avocado Roll

Shitake Mushroom Tempura Avocado

Tofu Inari Roll

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

(Drizzled with eel sauce)

California Roll

Spicy Salmon

Eel Avocado

Salmon Skin Roll

Tuna Mango/Avocado

Yellowtail Jalapeno/Scallion

Spicy Yellowtail

Spicy Shrimp Avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll

Boston Roll

(Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber)

Shrimp Tempura

(Shrimp Tempura, cucumber, avocado)

Salmon Cucumber Cream Cheese

Spicy Crab

Salmon Avocado/Mango

Philadelphia Roll

(Smoked Salmon, Philadelphia Cream Cheese)

Tuna Roll

Salmon Roll

Additions to any roll +1

Brown rice









Cream cheese

Signature Rolls  15.95

Brown Rice + 1

Spicy Delight Roll

(Spicy tuna, avocado topped with spicy salmon and tobiko, drizzled with spicy Sushi Sushi sauce.)

Rainbow Roll

(Crab, avocado topped with tuna, fluke, striped bass and salmon)

The Park Roll

(Spicy Yellowtail cucumber, topped with fluke/striped bass and avocado, drizzled with mango sauce.)

Veggie Delight Roll

(Shiitake mushroom tempura, cucumber topped with avocado and sweet potato tempura drizzled with spicy mango sauce.)

Sushi Sushi Roll

(Spicy crab, avocado topped with salmon, fluke/striped bass, drizzled with mango miso sauce.)

Yellow Taxi Roll

(Shrimp tempura, mango topped with spicy yellowtail, tobiko and jalapenos, drizzled with spicy sauce.)

Salmon Lover Roll

(Salmon, mango topped with spicy salmon, drizzled with honey wasabi mayo.)

Dinosaur Roll

(Shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with eel and avocado, drizzled with eel sauce.)

Awesome Roll

(Spicy tuna, cucumber topped with salmon, avocado, drizzled with miso sauce.)

Dragon Roll

(Crab, avocado topped with eel, avocado drizzled with eel sauce.)

Spider Roll

(Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, drizzled with eel sauce.)

Veggie Lover Roll

(Sweet potato tempura, mango topped with avocado, drizzled with spicy Sushi Sushi sauce.)

Tuna Lover Roll

(Tuna, yellowtail, avocado topped with spicy tuna, drizzled with spicy Sushi Sushi sauce.)

Seafood Lover

(Shrimp tempura, cucumber topped with spicy crab and avocado, drizzled with spicy eel sauce.)

Golden Tiger Roll

(Salmon avocado topped with mango, drizzled with spicy mango sauce.)

Sushi/Sashimi  2.5 ea




Strip Bass

Sweet Potato

Shitake Mushroom

Kani Crab








Shrimp Tempura

Smoked Salmon

Lunch Special

11:30am to 4pm Everyday

Choose 2 Rolls for $13.78 or Choose 3 Rolls for $18.37

Avocado Cucumber

Sweet Potato Tempura

Avocado Mango

Shitake Tempura Avocado


Salmon Mango

Spicy Salmon

Shrimp Tempura


Spicy Tuna

Salmon Avocado

Spicy Shrimp

Spicy Yellowtail


Spicy Crab


Salmon Skin

Dinner Special

5pm to 9pm Everyday

2 Traditional Rolls + Soup + 2 FREE Sushi Pieces $18

Avocado Cucumber

Sweet Potato Tempura

Avocado Mango

Shitake Tempura Avocado


Salmon Mango

Spicy Salmon

Shrimp Tempura


Spicy Tuna

Salmon Avocado

Spicy Shrimp

Spicy Yellowtail


Spicy Crab


Salmon Skin

Signature Roll + Traditional Roll + Soup + 2 FREE Sushi Pieces $22.96

Spicy Delight          Dragon

Veggie Lover          Rainbow

Spider          Seafood Lover

Sushi Sushi          Golden Tiger


Salmon          Avocado

Shrimp          Kani Crab

Fluke          Tuna

Eel          Inari

Striped Bass          Cucumber

Sashimi Rice Bowl    20

Soup or Salad

(1) Choice of:



Tofu Inari

Chef Deluxe

Salmon& Tuna

Shrimp Tempura

All come with sliced avocado, cucumber, and mango

(2) Choice of Rice:

White Rice or Brown Rice

(3) Choice of sauce:

Sushi Sushi’s Spicy Mayo

Mango sauce

Eel sauce

Spicy mango sauce

Spicy eel sauce

Honey wasabi mayo

Ume miso sauce

Teriyaki Rice Bowl    22

Soup or Salad

All come with sliced avocado and cucumber

(1) Choice of:




Striped Bass

3 Fish (Salmon Fluke Tuna)

(2) Choice of Rice:

White Rice or Brown Rice

Sushi Boxes:

Soup or Salad

Sushi Deluxe + Any Roll  29.95

(2 Tuna, 2 Salmon, Yellowtail, Fluke, Striped Bass, Shrimp, Eel)

Tri Colored Sushi +Traditional Roll  29.95

(3 Tuna, 3 Salmon, 3 Yellowtail)

Sushi and Sashimi for 1 + Traditional Roll  29.95

(Salmon, Striped Bass, Tuna, Kani Crab Sushi, 2 Tuna, 2 Salmon, Fluke, Yellowtail, Shrimp, Eel Sashimi)

Sashimi Deluxe + Traditional Roll  29.95

(3 Salmon, 2 Tuna, 2 Fluke, 2 Striped Bass, 1 Kani Crab, 1 Shrimp, 1 Eel, 1 Yellowtail)

Sushi and Sashimi for 2 + Traditional Roll +Signature Roll  55

8 pcs Sushi/15 pcs Sashimi


Soup or Salad

Spicy Special  23

(Spicy Tuna Avocado Roll, Spicy Salmon Avocado Roll and Spicy Crab Avocado Roll.)

The Manhattan  29.95

(Spicy Delight Roll, Salmon Avocado Roll and Shrimp Tempura roll.)

Veggie Extreme  30

(Veggie Lover Roll, Veggie Delight Roll and Avocado Roll.)

Tempura Combo  30

(Spider Roll, Dinosaur Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll.)

Salmon Extreme  30

(Salmon Mango Avocado Salad, Salmon Lover Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll and Salmon Sushi.)

Tuna Extreme  32

(Tuna Tartare, Tuna Lover Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Tuna Sushi.)

Eel Extreme  32

(Eel Rice Bowl, Eel Avocado and Eel Sushi.)

Our Signature Sauces 

 1.25 Each Any 4 for  5

Sushi Sushi’s Spicy Mayo

Mango Sauce

Spicy Eel Sauce

Honey Wasabi Mayo

Spicy Mango Sauce

Ume Miso Sauce

Eel Sauce

Sweet Jalapeno Sauce

Sushi Sushi’s Spicy mayo (12oz)  8.99

Carrot Ginger Dressing (12oz)  4.99

Dessert Rolls  5

PB&J Roll

(Peanut butter & jelly on white bread, no crust, rolled up)

Banana Nutella w/ Strawberries Roll

(Banana & Nutella on sweetened rice topped with strawberries)

Twinkies Tempura

(Twinkies are Back! 2 Twinkies Tempurared)

Drinks  2


Diet Coke

Ginger Ale

Water (Poland Spring)

Sushi Grade Fish

Same Sushi Grade fish we use, perfect for Sushi, delicious for cooking.

Salmon (Scottish)  11 ( ½ lb)

Fluke  15 ( ½ lb)

Yellowtail  18 ( ½ lb)

Smoked Salmon  16 ( ½ lb)

Strip Bass  15 ( ½ lb)

Shrimp (sushi)  12 ( ½ lb)

Tuna  19 ( ½ lb)

Eel  19 ( ½ lb)

Kani Crab  11 ( ½ lb)

Avocado  4 (ea.)